Why people do not choose to be shy

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

No one chooses to be an introvert.

Standing in the corner of a party, too nervous to talk to anyone you don’t know, is an awful feeling. You are trapped between your obligation to be social and the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of a crowd. From this vantage point, you can see everything going on. You can see people smiling, laughing — even joking with people they barely know.

All you can see is a wall of turned backs.

Introverts rarely enjoy events like these. This is why we will always prefer to socialize in bars rather than…

What the Democrats should be aware of during these impeachment proceedings

President Trump is a member of an extremely exclusive club. The two affirmative votes by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives confirmed that Donald Trump will become the third President to ever be impeached. However, with the imminent trial in the Senate, it is vital for the Democratic party to chose their path wisely.

As the 2020 election draws nearer, both parties are fully aware that the public perception of the upcoming trial will be central in determining whether the President can secure re-election. As a politician who has arguably faced more controversy than any other, President Trump is fully aware…

How one girl transformed the global environmental movement

Photo by ulricaloeb on Flickr

Greta Thunberg isn’t like most 16-year-olds.

While most children her age are busy with school, she has sailed across the Atlantic, stared down the President of the United States and spearheaded the global environmental movement.

A year ago, Greta Thunberg was known only by those close to her. She wasn’t a celebrity; she wasn’t a social media influencer; she was simply a young girl, passionate about fighting climate change.

Her global rise to prominence began in August 2018, when she started ‘Skolstrejk for klimatet’ (translated as ‘School strikes for the climate’) by protesting outside the Swedish Parliament building. Through this…

Is it possible the simply handing out money is the solution to the welfare crisis?

Whenever Andrew Yang stands on the stage of a Democratic debate and starts to talk about the so-called ‘Freedom Dividend’, most candidates respond with laughter.

For many people, the notion of the US government simply handing out a monthly $1,000 cheque to every American citizen seems almost ridiculous. Indeed nearly every welfare system is based upon the principle that a “leg-up” is preferable to a “hand-out” and this is rarely challenged. However, there are many hidden benefits that can result from this policy, which could make this plan much more viable than you may initially think.

Andrew Yang speaking at a rally — Wikimedia Commons

Why Universal Basic income works

Simply put, the Universal…

What the future holds for human exploration of space.

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong stepped foot onto the moon for the first time — speaking these immortal words: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. This was a truly historic moment and, for many, this was simply the beginning of an interplanetary future. Yet in the decades following this remarkable achievement, we haven’t returned to the moon — with only 12 astronauts ever stepping foot on the lunar surface.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Two years ago, Elon Musk announced the creation of a new spacecraft called ‘Starship’, which is designed to carry humans to Mars. This rocket will be comparable…


Why Joe Biden is not the Democrat’s best chance of winning the presidency

For many on the left, Joe Biden is clearly the best person to challenge President Trump in 2020. While he is charismatic, intelligent and has considerable political experience — he would also be the biggest liability for the Democrats if nominated.

The Democratic party has undergone a substantial shift in the last few years by establishing itself as the party for diversity and multiculturalism. This is evident since the last two Democratic nominees for president were also the first African American and female nominees for a major party. …


The reasons that Facebook is doomed to fail

Before Facebook, there was Myspace. This was a social media platform which enabled users to communicate with their friends and create personalized profiles. In 2006, it even surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States and was (until 2009) the most popular social media worldwide.

Nowadays, the only reference to Myspace would be when someone asks the question: “Do you remember Myspace?”.

But the fate of Myspace should have not been unexpected. When your business model is solely reliant upon remaining popular and relevant, you’re suddenly vulnerable to new trends. …


The Democratic party currently finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

In May 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to investigate potential obstruction of justice and collusion by President Trump. However, the Mueller report — released in April 2019 — wasn’t as damning against the President as many on the left would have liked. Nevertheless, it still left the question about potential Obstruction of justice unresolved. This long-awaited release of the report (albeit highly redacted) served to highlight the ever-increasing gulf in US politics, especially on the left. The conclusions drawn by Robert Mueller and…

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“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.” — Octavia E. Butler

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